Brian Brooks Moving Company

Brian Brooks Moving Company3

The Brian Brooks Moving Company opened the new Miller Theater with their dynamic performance of Motor on October 15 and 16, 2010. The New York City based dance group performed Motor, an hour-long piece for seven dancers within a vibrant installation, set to an original score by composer Jonathan Pratt. This event marked the six-year unyielding relationship between BBMC and Alfred University’s Dance Program, celebrating both organizations’ significant growth and development.

The Alfred Dance Department first programmed BBMC at Alfred University in 2004.  The company returned in 2005, further deepening the students’ connection to the work.  These two consecutive years of performances, workshops and dialogue provided unique insight and direction into BBMC’s artistry and trajectory.  Later resulting in a major highlight, a 2008, two-week residency at Alfred inspired Brooks to create his first dance film, RAPID STILL.  Catching the choreographer in an illusion of flight, the stop-motion video that premiered at the Brooklyn Museum. RAPID STILL has recently been licensed to the Lincoln Center Institute for the Arts in Education as a work-of-art under study for national and international educators.


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