Amy Smith

Amy Smith3

Amy Smith was our Guest Artist Choreographer for The Alfred University Dance Theater Concert in our 2013-2014 season.

Amy Smith is a founder and Co-Director of Headlong, a performance and creation research platform.  Since 1993, Headlong has created collaborative dance theater works, and toured nationally.  Recent projects include This Town is a Mystery, a series of performances created in collaboration with (non-professional performer) members of 4 Philadelphia households, followed by a potluck dinner; More, which was created after two years of creative provocations from choreographer Tere O’Connor; and Red Rovers, which uses the true story of the Mars Rovers, Spirit and Opportunity, as a dramaturgical starting point.  Amy double majored in Dance and Religion at Wesleyan University. After college, she spent a year studying at the Center for New Dance Development in Holland. Amy has won both a Barrymore (Philadelphia Theatre Award) for 1812 Productions’ Suburban Love Songs and a Bessie (New York Dance Award) for Headlong’s ST*R W*RS and other stories.   In 2008, Headlong opened the Headlong Performance Institute, an experimental performance school for young artists offering full college credit.  Amy often mentors younger artists and companies in Philadelphia, teaches workshops in Financial Literacy to artists nationally through the Creative Capital Professional Development Program, and serves on boards.


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