Amy Smith

Amy Smith

Amy Smith is a founder and co-director of Headlong Dance Theater, a Philadelphia-based contemporary dance company, and of the HPI – The Headlong Performance Institute. Headlong is a collaboratively-run company that has made over 40 new works in 16 years, and is proud to be part of the recent Philly dance/theater explosion. Smith is a recent recipient of the highly competitive MAP Fund. Smith received her BA in Dance and Religion from Wesleyan University. After college, she studied European New Dance at the Center for New Dance Development in Holland. In addition to Headlong, Smith has performed in the works of Deborah Hay, Ishmael Houston Jones, and other choreographers, as well as in theater and cabaret. She received a “Bessie” Award for Headlong’s “ST*R W*RS and other stories” at DTW, and a Barrymore Award for her performance in 1812 Production’s “Suburban Love Songs.”  She serves on the board of the Canary Project, and served as chair for the committee that established a new dance service organization for Philadelphia- Dance/USA Philadelphia.

Amy Smith came to Alfred University for a two-day intensive teaching residency. While here, she guest-taught classes in dance technique, and composition.


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