Lani Fand Weissbach

Lani Fand Weissbach2.jpg

Lani Fand Weissbach was at AU for a two-day residency in April 2009.  While here, she taught two workshops in butoh, a Japanese avant-garde dance form that emphasizes authentic connection to the internal landscape of emotion, feelings, sensory awareness and imagination.

Lani Fand Weissbach, artistic director of Shen & Bones Performance Group, brings an eclectic background of western and eastern movement forms to her community, which includes BA and MFA degrees in dance performance and choreography, yoga teaching certification and certification from the Eastwest Somatics Institute.  Since 1990, she has directed and produced numerous concerts of original choreography, creating many cross-disciplinary alliances with writers, musicians, actors and visual artists. Lani has performed with professional companies both nationally and abroad, and was a principal dancer in Hawaii’s premier dance company Iona Contemporary Dance Theatre in the early 90’s. Her work has been commissioned for events in Pennsylvania, Arizona, New York, Chicago and Edinburgh, Scotland. Lani has served as an adjunct and full time instructor for over 25 colleges and universities, public schools and private institutions throughout the U.S. She is currently on the faculties of Penn State Erie, The Behrend College, Allegheny College and the Erie Art Museum’s Educational Program.


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