Khalid Saleem & Melinda Phillips

Khalid & Melinda

Khalid Saleem and Melinda Phillips are professionals, teaching and performing in Rochester, New York. Khalid Saleem, African music specialist, is a faculty member at SUNY Brockport. He has served on the faculties of Duke University and the American Dance Festival, where he also performs and is a dance musician for classes in both African and modern dance. He has traveled internationally to the Caribbean, Europe, Asia, Africa, and South America as a principle music instrumentalist with the well-known Chuck Davis Dance Company, The Egwen Dancers, The Big Drum Dance Company of Granada, and Les Guidivoir. He is a featured performer on commercial recordings of African music and in the Dance Black America concert film, shown nationally on PBS.

Melinda Phillips teaches workshops in Latin dance and Latin cultural music, and she teaches African Dance and music throughout Rochester including in the Rochester City School System. Phillips is also a faculty member with the Garth Fagan Dance School in Rochester. Garth Fagan is one of America’s premiere choreographers/teachers and his work has been performed worldwide.


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