David Parker

David Parker

“Parker is a big man with a wit to match and a penchant for the rhythms of musical golden oldies .”

-Gus Solomons, Dance Magazine

David Parker, a New York-based choreographer and Artistic Director of David Parker & The Bang Group, created three excerpts of an evening-length dance during his week-long residency at AU. These excerpts are etudes for a projected hour-long work, entitled Showdown, which is inspired by musicals about the American west and performed to the music of Annie Get Your Gun.  The completed work premiered in New York at Joe’s Pub at the Public Theater in June of 2008, performed by David Parker and The Bang Group.

“Parker’s comic strategy is one of dissociation, of starting from so strange a premise that the audience quickly realizes that it has no idea at all what might be coming next, except that it will be something weird and wonderful.  Once that happens, he has us eating out of his hand – or off his foot.”

-Robert Ackerman, Philadelphia City Paper

Parker’s work, which has been performed nationally and internationally, has been awarded a finalist prize at the Fourth International Competition for Choreographers of Contemporary Dance in Groningen, The Netherlands in 1994, and it was a special citation of the Kurt Jooss Award jury in Essen, Germany in 2001. David Parker has also been invited to create a new work for the Anna Sokolow Players Project, in collaboration with the Paris based Impromptu Wind Quintet. He serves on the faculty of The Alvin Ailey School in New York, where he teaches dance composition and improvisation, and he is a guest professor throughout the U.S. and Europe.



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