BoanDanz Action Company


Artistic Director Marianela Boan,  an internationally acclaimed choreographer, is recognized as one of the most important artists of contemporary Cuban Dance. BoanDanz Action Company presented multi-media performance Voyeur at Alfred University’s CD Smith III Theater, showcasing Marianela’s revolutionary style of “contaminated dance,” a style that includes multiple art media with dance as its main expression.  Her emotionally expressive movement styles draw on both traditional and modern genres.

BoanDanz Action is a young dance company founded by Marianela Boan in Philadelphia (2005).  BoanDanz Action has received critical acclaim at laMaMa Experimental Theater in New York, Painted Bride Art Center and Conwell theater in Philadelphia, the Bates Festival, and the company performed at The San Francisco International Art Festival and in Bogota, Columbia, among other venues. BoanDanz Action Company follows the conceptual development of her company DanzAbierta that she created and directed for 15 years in Cuba. DanzAbierta is has toured performed her repertory worldwide.




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