Lani Fand Weissbach

“Lani…creates works that challenge the psyche and invigorate emotion. [Her] repertoire contains works of quiet introspection, raw power, evocative imagery, and dark themes…Shen and Bones Performance Group is a most welcomed divergence.”

-Steve Sucato, dance critic


Choreographer Lani Fand Weissbach’s work is based in butoh, a contemporary dance form that emerged in Japan shortly after WWII. Weissbach, founding director of Shen and Bones Performance Group, is a solo artist whose work has been performed widely throughout the U.S. All of her work illustrates the potential for movement to ignite the imagination and awaken the spirit. During her three-day residency, she taught several classes, including a master class and an afternoon lecture/demonstration, in which she discussed and showed slides illustrating the historical roots of butoh and ways it has evolved as an art form.  She then presented two dances she choreographed, one of them a solo performed by AU faculty member Robert Bingham.


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